A description of the route - what lies in wait for you

  The first information board is in Blansko right next to the Blanka tourist information centre. Local cycle path 5117 will take you from Blansko to the Amber Way, which you will take to Skalní Mlýn (Rock Mill) in the Moravian Karst, where the second information board awaits you. Then follow the connecting route of the Amber Way (5/5) to the Punkva Caves and Macocha Gorge, the greatest tourist attractions in the Moravian Karst. A pleasant ride through the forested Pustý Žleb (Lonely Glen) awaits you. Dozens of caves can be found on the sides of the glen.
  The third information board can be found in the centre of the village of Sloup, into which Pustý Žleb leads. You will rejoin the main route of the Amber Way in Sloup on the other side of Hotel Broušek, and this will take you up a fairly demanding ascent to the village of Ostrov u Macochy, where you will find another information board right on the route by the information centre. About 1.5 km out of the village turn onto the road to Vilémovice, and make your way along the hiking path signposted in red as far as the village of Rudice. In wet weather this part of the route may be difficult. If this is the case take the turning to the right in the middle of Vilémovice onto the road to Rudice, where you will meet up again with your guide Srdínko on an information board by the Windmill. He will take you along local cycle path 5119, via the Rudice Depression, to Jedovnice, a place of rest and relaxation that will certainly be welcome at the halfway point on your journey. In Jedovnice signs every 500 metres to the Olšovec Campsite will lead you to the final information board in the Moravian Karst at the campsite.
  The ride from Jedovnice to Ruprechtov is relatively undemanding, running along good forest paths. You will find the Ruprechtov information board on the left-hand side on the grass near the graveyard as you enter Ruprechtov. If the weather is bad and the going gets muddy, we recommend continuing to the right along the 379 road in the direction of Vyškov. Turn to the left at the crossroads with a signpost for the 5071 cycle path and follow the 5071. You will then rejoin our original route at the crossroads with the 5074. If the weather is good, ride all the way through Ruprechtov, over the village green, along the 5072 and turn to the right onto the signposted cycle path 5074 after you leave the village. A relatively undemanding descent and ascent then await you, followed by a ride through Catherine Valley, which can be really rather demanding in bad weather. You will then meet up again with those who have chosen the alternative route at the crossroads with the 5071 cycle path at the other end of Catherine Valley. You will then be faced by a demanding, though short, ascent. At the top you will find the U Ježkovic information board on the left. Turn to the right following route 5071. 
  The most difficult part of the journey is now behind you, and all that lies ahead is a relatively easy ride along good hard-surface forest paths above the Opatovice Reservoir, with a touch of variety added by the descent into the Malá Haná Valley. You will find the Opatovice Reservoir information board by the bridge over the stream on the left-hand side. Now all that remains is a ride along the asphalt cycle paths 5071 and 5029. You will find the Dědice information board on the grassy bank past the church in Dědice. The final information board, Vyškov Aquapark, can be found not far on the other side of the railway underpass by the fence of the car park in front of Vyškov Aquapark.